Material Handling Redefined

When a lift truck application requires a unique soluton rico equipment company already has or will offer complete design/build capabilities of die handlers, low lift in capacities to 100,000 lbs and high lift trucks to 10,000 lbs., tuggers, application specific trucks. In addition, rico’s elite series lift trucks offer lift capacities from 18,000 lbs to 100,000 lbs in lpg, electric & diesel. Engineered lift truck solutions for ex and ee applications using fm rated components as well as complete truck certicifations for classes where vapor and.or dust is a determining criteria.

Drlling down in these applications has been a capability of George Murphy C.S.P. since 1976. His experience is not derived from a set of standard spec sheets but rather many years of ‘on-site’ research, analysis and problem solving.

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