A Proud History

Handlesafe, LLC was founded as a specialty material handling equipment consultant and specifier. Based on over 40 years in the industrial lift truck and other powered and non-powered material handling solutions, george c. Murphy c.s. p. Has developed, specified mobile and stationary equipment with the goal of reducing employee injury, increasing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Application Specific Solutions

HANDLESAFE LLC is focused on the premise of Solution before Product (Sb4P). The solutions we offer and ask our prospects and customers to consider are based on 40 years of ‘on-the-street’ experience as a material handling professional.

Over those years, we have never intentionally developed solutions that are most beneficial for anyone but the end user. We use North American and scrutinized Global providers that we can confidently recommend and that we know will provide the end user the benefits to solve problems and create long term relationships.

Some of our suppliers do offer ‘quick ship’ inventory. However, FDA approved sanitary conditions, clean room Classifications, pharmaceutical and other environmental requirements necessitate exacting specifications and require approval drawings and associated build time.

Equally important are explosion-proof (EX) labels for Dust and Chemical atmospheres. Handlesafe has the resource to re-certifying of these lift trucks with a warranty rather than only committing to new units.


“Manufacturing has become very global and very competitive in the equipment business. We recognize this and have found producers who fill the void for application-specific equipment at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality or long lead times. Handlesafe’s low overhead allows additional price competitiveness. The mission of Handlesafe is to provide an experienced resource and resulting visibility for the “non-commodity” material handling equipment used in warehouse, distribution center and production areas. We provide the solutions others don’t have time for or are not part of their “core” competencies.” – George Murphy, C.S.P.


Put 40 Years of Experience to Work for You

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