Serious Safety…When & Where You Need it

All of our equipment has been thoroughly tested by an independent testing agency for stability up to 34 degrees of tilt. As such we are a “world-class’ fire, rescue, ambulance and utility vehicles which fill the void encountered by many public and private teams in ‘modernizing’ their emergency programs and departments.

ASAP is a specialty vehicle company based in the USA that has truly anticipated the needs of Emergency Responders as well as many other industries that demand tough, affordable, equipment that keeps pace with the latest trends and requirements of the applications they are up against daily.

Our vehicles are in use by City, County and State agencies, Automotive engine manufacturers, a Heavy Construction Equipment manufacturer, Tire manufacturers, US Air Force, US Navy, US Marines, Medical Centers, and Homeland Security.

In addition, we can also supply our heavy duty MOD kits for existing UTV’s. These MOD kits are designed for Civil Support Teams as CERFP and HRF accessories. We now offer Mattracks for traversing boggs, swamps, snow and other “soft” areas encountered by ASAP vehicles. We have introduced the ‘SCOUT’ bolt-on Fire Pump System which includes 100 gallon poly tank, 10 gallon foam tank, 5.5 Pump, and other standard accessories and options. Finally, the exclusive S.O.S EMS skid/slide-in unit adds flexibility to most UTV six (6) wheelers. S.O.S units can be designed for Polaris, John Deere, Kubota and other six (6) wheel UTV’s.

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